Treated Timbers

Gulf Coast Treated Piling and Timbers supplies treated timbers for a variety of uses. Our timbers are commonly used in ranch and farm projects, marine and shoreline construction, and a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.
Timber Grades

Our Southern Yellow Pine is graded #2 and better. In addition, we also stock cedar, redwood, fir, and other hardwood timbers. If you need timbers of a greater strength and higher grade, we can custom select and treat timbers for your specific application or need. Need your timbers milled smooth? No problem! We also offer custom drilling, custom cutting, and custom production to your specific needs.
Oversized Treated Timbers

Our clients count on us to provide large and oversized timbers as their projects demand. These specially made timbers are used in a variety of applications, such as farm and ranch projects, waterfront construction, and commercial and industrial applications.

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