School Bus Charters and Rentals by Metropolitan Shuttle

Metropolitan Shuttle specializes in group transportation services throughout the United States. We have established relationships with group travel agencies in nearly every major metropolitan area. Transportation rentals include charter buses, bus rental, bus charters, bus rentals, minibuses, school buses, luxury coaches, and other group shuttle vehicles. Large school buses are available for group travel to and from reunions, conventions, reunions, and other types of business, cultural, or family gatherings.

Because of our extensive experience in the group transportation industry, our extensive network of tour bus rental partners, and our excellent management practices, you can rest assured that you will receive the best value for your money. Renting a school bus or shuttle bus from Metropolitan Shuttle will be a comfortable, cost-effective, and memorable experience for you and your group.

Contact us today and let our friendly, professional shuttle planners help you work out the logistics of your travel.

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Polymer Coated Wood

Polymer Coated Wood

What Are the Advantages of Polymer Coated Wood?

Polymer coated wood is stronger, more durable, easy to use, and cost-effective. It can be applied to standard and custom sized wood products and can be applied selectively to just a section of wood that requires extra protection. Handling and using polymer coated wood requires no special tools or precautions.

Zone coating of treated timbers and pilings will protect the wood in areas where failure is most likely to occur, such as at the water or ground line. Contact us online or call us at 877-302-8911 to discuss zone coating of your lumber products. Poly coated wood also assures environmental protection because it prevents the leaching of chemicals used for treating the wood into the surrounding soil or water.

Our polymer coated materials are manufactured to pass building code tests and standards. Our unique polymer coating was created to increase the service life of building materials and can be added after specifications

Our poly coating field patch kit allows you to cut and saw polymer coated wood to your required lengths and shapes, then re-apply the coating as needed.

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Shuttle Van Charters and Rentals by Metropolitan Shuttle

shuttle van
With over 250 affiliated partners nationwide, Metropolitan Shuttle offers one of the largest selections of group transportation vehicles in the nation. Shuttle vans and passenger vans are a comfortable, affordable alternative to caravanning. It also allows groups to travel together to and from the destination.

Taking a shuttle van in place of rental cars or taxis will eliminate wasted time spent parking and walking long distances. Likewise, groups traveling in shuttle vans eliminate the frustration of driving and can rest assured that the whole group will arrive safely and on time.

Metropolitan Shuttle is a full service provider of shuttle vans,charter buses, bus rental, bus charters, bus rentals, minibuses, and deluxe luxury coaches which are available for group transportation in every major US metropolitan area. Shuttle van services include transportation to and from airports, reunions, business conventions, family reunions, festivals, academic events, sports events, religious events, weddings, and more.

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Polymer Coating for Maximum Durability

Polymer Coating

Polymer coating for our wood products provides extra protection from termites, marine borers, UV rays, freezing, and rot. This tough polymer membrane bonds to wood, preventing destruction from various elements that will reduce the life of the product.

Polymer coated wood is stronger, more durable, easy to use, and cost-effective. It can be applied to standard and custom sized wood products and can be applied selectively to just a section of wood that requires extra protection. Handling and using polymer coated wood requires no special tools or precautions.

Zone coating of treated timbers and pilings will protect the wood in areas where failure is most likely to occur, such as at the water or ground line. Contact us online or call us at 877-302-8911 to discuss zone coating of your lumber products. Poly coated wood also assures environmental protection because it prevents the leaching of chemicals used for treating the wood into the surrounding soil or water.

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Minibus Charters and Rentals by Metropolitan Shuttle

mini bus
Traveling in minibuses is ideal for smaller groups of up to 28 people. Traveling to and from airports, events, and other types of gatherings or attractions is much more economical and practical in a minibus as opposed to expensive rental cars or taxis. Plus, minibuses allow the entire group to travel together and arrive at the right place at the right time. Minibus rentals also eliminate the frustration of parking and driving in unfamiliar areas.

Metropolitan Shuttle offers top of the line minibus charter rentals throughout all major U.S. cities for groups of all sizes. At Metropolitan Shuttle we have an excellant track record in the transportation industry and can help clients make the most of their group travel. Our expert planners are available to help design and deliver quality minibuses, larger charter buses, bus rental, vans, and shuttles according to the size and budget of the group. Minibus services include transportation to and from airports, reunions, business conventions, family reunions, festivals, academic events, sports events, religious events, weddings, and more.

Contact us today and let our friendly, professional shuttle planners help you work out the logistics of your travel.

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Solid Wood Columns

solid wood coloumn

Solid wood columns can be used for both interior and exterior projects, as well as in water. For use inside, solid columns are often kiln dried to arrive ready for installation. Or, before installation, kiln dried wood columns can be stained or painted. When solid wood columns are manufactured for exterior projects, we pressure treat them to the appropriate level for the specific project need, ranging from ground contact treatments for regular exterior applications to saltwater treatments used in marine bulkheading projects.

Need super-longevity? We also offer solid wood columns coated with ourspecial polymer coating.This durability enhancing coating is especially useful for projects in or around water.
Choose Your Wood Type

Solid wood columns are available in oak, cedar, pine, Douglas fir, and other types of wood as requested. Our consultants will help you select the most appropirate wood type based on the dimensions you need and other specifications of your project.

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Deluxe Coach Charters and Rentals by Metropolitan Shuttle

charter bus
Metropolitan Shuttle is a full service provider of deluxe coaches, charter buses, tour buses, bus charters, charter rental buses, bus rentals, minibuses, and shuttle vans suited for the transportation of groups of all sizes. Large deluxe coaches can usually seat up to 55-57 people and offer many luxurious amenities to make travel as comfortable as possible. It is our goal to make group travel as seamless and worry-free as possible.

We offer our clients door-to-door convenience, customized, reliable service, and centralized billing. Many of our bus rental partners have top of the line, deluxe motor coaches, most of which include PA systems, reclining seats with plenty of leg room, adjustable foot rests, individual reading lights, restrooms, overhead racks for carry-on bags, climate-controlled air conditioning & heating, tinted picture windows for clear glare-free vision, weather-proof luggage compartments, heavy duty shocks for a smooth ride, and audio/video equipment.

Because of our extensive experience in the group transportation industry, our extensive network of rental partners, and our excellent management practices including constant monitoring of our network providers, you can rest assured that you will receive the best value for your money anywhere in the country. At Metropolitan Shuttle prices are always competitive and service is unequaled.

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Vinyl Sheet Pilings

Vinyl Sheet Pilings

What can you get with vinyl sheet piling from Gulf Coast Treated? When using our vinyl sheet piling, your bulkhead or retaining wall will have superior longevity, strength, and erosion protection.

In our extensive line of strong and long-lasting vinyl sheet piling, we offer multiple brands and profiles to meet the needs of most any project. Our consultants are standing by to help you select the best vinyl sheet piling as well as other materials you may need, such as treated wood, fastener kits, and hardware. We'll help you place a complete order that will be shipped as a ready-to-build package.

Contact us online or call us at 877-302-8911.

Longevity and Cost-Effective Construction

Using vinyl sheet pilings from Gulf Coast Treated allows you to enjoy cost-effective construction of your project. Our materials can be installed and handled with light equipment, reducing your labor and equipment costs. Also, with 12 to 24 inches of coverage per panel, installation is fast, saving you time and money.

What Types of Vinyl Sheet Piling are Available?

We carry Tidewall and Everlast vinyl sheet pilings in stock, and we can order Shoreline pilings as needed. All profiles meet standard construction and design specifications for their intended applications.

Contact us online or call us at 877-302-8911 to discuss your project and determine which option is best for you.

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Birmingham Charter Buses

charter bus
Metropolitan Shuttle offers charter buses and shuttle services in Birmingham, Alabama. Located in the foothills of the Appalachians, Birmingham is the states largest city, with a population of nearly one million people.

With the city's increasing popularity, conventions and events have become a huge part of the city's thriving economy. Birmingham has developed into a business gathering and tourist hotspot with nationally recognized dining, shopping, entertainment and events. Thus, thoroughly planning your transportation and traveling has become extremely important.

Charter buses offer cost-effective convenience to and from any type of group event. Metropolitan shuttle offers professional charter buses, bus rental, bus charters, bus rentals and transportation services to all major conventions, events and gatherings throughout Birmingham and the surrounding area.

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Charter Bus Dallas Company Launches New Service For The Annual Texas State Fair For 2011

charter bus

Eagle Tours Inc. is excited to offer to customers discounted group ticket sales for Dallas’ Texas State Fair which takes place between September 30 and October 23 of this year. For groups of 20 or more traveling to the fair, the company will discount regularly priced tickets by a full 20 per cent (details can be found on their website). The charter bus Dallas and charter bus San Antonio company, has an extensive fleet of buses which will provide hassle-free travel for attendees so they will be free to enjoy the fair without having to worry about driving in high traffic or parking.

The fair opened in 1886 to a crowd of 14,000 and today is one of the largest in the country with a 2010 attendance of more than 2.6 million. Entertainment choices are extensive, to say the least, with more than 70 amusement rides and exhibits featuring everything from the latest and greatest automobiles to the most delicious jams and jellies found anywhere.

In addition to hosting the biggest new car and truck show in the Southwest, judges evaluate 7,000-plus creative arts entries and 8,000 livestock entries annually, many of which are auctioned.

But there’s even more with pig races and dog shows, music concerts, a BMX bicycle show, the U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps, and a lot more including being “the fried food event of the year.”

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Forests can store more carbon emissions


A latest study showed that the role of forests as carbon dioxide (CO2) stores was much bigger than previously thought.

The findings were published in the latest issue of the journal "Science" on Thursday.

From 1990 to 2007, 8.8 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) were released in the world through the use of fossil fuels, but around one third of them were absorbed by forests, according to the study.

The woods are responsible for the entire terrestrial storage of CO2 while agricultural land, grassland and tundra played no role at the global level as CO2 are absorbed as much as they emit, said one of the authors, Anatoly Shvidenko, from the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Laxenburg near Vienna.

The conclusion was made after analysing the relationship between the area change of the forests and green fields and the content change of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The important role of forests as a global "vacuum cleaner" of climate-damaging greenhouse gas CO2 has long been clear but the new data have proved their higher importance as terrestrial CO2-sink, the IIASA said.

Figures showed that the still not destroyed tropical rain forests are responsible for the inclusion of more than 1 billion tons of carbon per year.

The boreal coniferous forest in northern zones, primarily in Canada and Russia, swallows some 500 million tonnes per year, while the forests in the temperate zones stores annually around 780 million tonnes of carbon.

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STM testing air conditioning on city buses


A Montreal bus ride in the dead of summer can resemble a trip to a sauna at times, but the Société de transport de Montréal is looking into a way of changing that.

The STM has launched a pilot project by installing air conditioning on 15 buses running on seven bus lines in the city, and then asking users what they think of it.

Last year the STM dismissed the idea of air conditioned buses and metros as too expensive, but the transit corporation is now re-thinking the idea.

"We want to do a study on the impact on the carbon, the environmental impact," said STM spokesperson Isabelle Tremblay, "but also the cost."

And therein lies the hook, the STM is not saying for now how much installing such a system on a larger portion of the fleet would cost.

Instead, they are gauging the reaction of riders to the newfound comfort, and thus far, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

But the STM is also asking people whether they'd be willing to pay higher fares for a cooler ride.

"Here the buses are cheap anyway, public transit is cheaper than Toronto and all that," one rider told CTV Montreal's Derek Conlon. "So if we get air conditioning, it costs money, so we'll pay."

But not everyone necessarily agrees.

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Lumber Prices Rising on Exports

lumber cost

A contract for 110,000 board feet of lumber traded for as much as $320 in mid-March before plummeting below $220 in mid-June. Now lumber is rising again and it could be one of those times when supply can’t keep up with demand. But not for the usual reasons.

Traditionally, homebuilding soaks up a lot of U.S. timber production, but the market for new houses is very soft and has been for two years or more. Timber companies have been supported primarily by exports to Asia and real estate sales. Timber producers like Pope Resources LP (NASDAQ: POPE), Rayonier Inc. (NYSE: RYN) and Plum Creek Timber Co. Inc. (NYSE: PCL) have seen share prices rise from nearly 20% to more than 80% in the past 12 months. The Guggenheim Timber ETF (NYSE: CUT) is also up more than 20% in the past 12 months. Weyerhaeuser Co. (NYSE: WY) and Lumber Liquidators Holdings Inc. (NYSE: LL) have seen stock prices fall — Weyerhaeuser when it converted to a REIT in July 2010, and Lumber Liquidators last week when the company cut its forecast for 2011.

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City to hear request for tour bus from visitor’s bureau

Tour Bus

The City Commission will vote on the purchase of a 2000 Freightliner Goshen Coach Bus under the advisement of Convention and Tourism Director Sally Fuller during this evening’s regularly scheduled meeting.
Fuller will be requesting $15,000 to purchase the item. The vehicle is not currently listed on the Tourism Department’s budget. The bus, Fuller said in a memo to the commission, will be purchased from the Liberal Bee Jays if approved.
“The Convention and Visitors Bureau is requesting to purchase a 2000 Freightliner Goshen Coach from the Liberal Bee Jays Association,” Fuller noted. “This request is in the amount of $15,000 and is a non-budgeted item. Sufficient funds for this purchase are available through the Convention and Visitors Bureau.”
Fuller said the bus will be used for official city use and not available for use by outside organizations.
Fuller listed several possibilities regarding the utilization of the bus, if the purchase does, in fact, pass the vote of the commission.

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Timber Smuggling: Four truckloads seized

Timber smuggling

The police claimed to have foiled an attempt to smuggle a huge quantity of timber to Punjab here on Monday.

The cost of the seized timber was estimated at over Rs2 million.

Police and forest sources said that after receiving a tip-off regarding the smuggling of timber to Punjab via GT Road, two police parties were deployed in the limits of Panian Chowki and Jhari Kas. During the search, the police impounded four trucks bearing registration Nos. GLT 625, GLT 2561, GLT 4677 and GLT 6694 and recovered 499 logs typically used in construction.

The police also arrested the four truck drivers but none of the owners was booked as they were not present at the scene.

It may be added that organised gangs of lumberjacks have been involved in tree felling in Haripur and upper Hazara division. They transport the timber through Tarbela Lake on boats, from where they load the logs onto trucks for shipment to Punjab and farther down country.

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Luxury Sightseeing Bus Tours To Leeds Castle With Golden Tours

Tour Bus

Golden Tours’ Leeds Castle bus tour will irrefutably leave you enraptured. Once you visit Leeds Castle, the redoubtable, grandiose landmark, you can then explore the stunning White Cliffs of Dover, alluring Canterbury Cathedral, and architecturally exceptional Greenwich, for an all in all extraordinary coach tour from London.

Take a thrilling coach tour from London to majestic Leeds Castle. There is no end to the activities you can undertake once you have reached the castle: why not witness a captivating falconry show, try the golf course, or even, for a particularly unique, distinctive and altogether spectacular experience, go on a hot air balloon flight? Or just traverse the grounds of imposing, grand Leeds Castle with your Leeds castle tickets.

Why not go on a package tour which includes not simply Leeds Castle, but also delightful Dover, charming Canterbury and, finally, picturesque Greenwich? Golden Tours provides just such an exhilarating day tour from London. The White Cliffs of Dover need no introduction: they possess great fame as archetypes of natural splendour. Canterbury Cathedral is an incredible landmark which will undoubtedly bewitch you with its opulence. Finally, Greenwich has its own entrancing architecture, particularly its Old Naval College.

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Sino-Forest delays tour of its assets; shares dive

sino forest

Embattled Chinese forestry company Sino-Forest said on Wednesday it has postponed a tour of its forestry assets because many analysts have halted coverage of the company.

The value of Sino-Forest shares and bonds collapsed last month after short-seller Muddy Waters accused the company of fraudulently exaggerating the size of its forestry assets.

The company has denied the allegations and appointed an internal committee of its independent directors to investigate the matter. However a full review is expected to take up to three months to complete.

Dundee Capital Markets analyst Richard Kelertas and RBC Capital Markets analyst Paul Quinn, who initially panned the Muddy Waters allegations, later opted to suspend coverage of the company. Other analysts have put their ratings and price targets on Sino-Forest under review.

"Following management's recent conversations with the analyst community who cover Sino-Forest, it has become apparent that many of you have been precluded from resuming coverage of the company and otherwise discussing its affairs publicly until after the independent committee reports," the company said in in a letter announcing the postponemen

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Anchor Tours prepare for busy summer season with new Volvo 9700


With the summer season having now arrived, Anchor Tours, based in Bellurgan, Dundalk, Co. Louth is ideally positioned having recently invested in a new Volvo 9700 coach, with Prestige Plus bodywork, for their busiest time of the year.

The UK tour operator's latest coach has already been placed into active service, joining their fleet of 23 Volvos. "We've been specifying Volvo since 1963," explained Anchor Tour's owner Seamus Keenan. "This latest coach is an absolutely beautiful vehicle, I just love the interior."

Specified with 53 TS2000 comfort plus half leather seats, with 3-point safety belts and a centre demountable toilet, the high quality finish of the coach interior reflects Anchor's commitment to the comfort of their passengers.

Built on the reliable Volvo 3 axle, 13 metre B13R chassis and powered by a rear-mounted Euro 5 incentive, 13-litre diesel engine, rated at 460hp, the 9700 delivers performance, power, consistency and style.

Also featuring Volvo's I-Shift 12 speed gearbox and electronically controlled disc brakes and air suspension, Anchor have specified a coach which they know and trust. "We've had 9700's before," continued Seamus Keenan. "They are excellent quality and they are reliable, plus we know that we have the superb back-up support of the Irish Commercials Volvo dealership at Naas."

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Teak Master Offers Outdoor Furniture Restoration in Malibu

Teak Furniture

When Tim Gilliam started Teak Master in 1997, he knew there was a void to be filled in the exterior wood surface restoration industry. Specializing in the professional care, restoration and repair of teak furniture, decks, gazebos, house trim, pergolas, play sets, spas and exotic hardwoods. Teak Master has carved a solid niche for itself in the field of teak repair and exterior wood surface care and restoration.

Teak Master has been in business for 14 years now, and is endorsed by such major teak furniture manufacturers as Brown-Jordan, Gloster, Kingsley Bate, Smith & Hawken, Henry Hall, Teak Warehouse, Jensen Jarrah and Janus et Cie as factory authorized service technicians.

Outdoor Furniture Restoration and Repair

Outdoor furniture, especially high-end teak furniture, has to endure harsh conditions, from the frigid temperatures of winter to the blistering heat of summer. When teak furniture sits outside unprotected the natural oils in the wood oxidize and turn the surface an unsightly grayish-black color, the grain can lift and crack and mildew and fungus can set in and destroy the wood through rot. The Teak Master process can forestall this condition and restore weathered furniture back to showroom quality, and new teak furniture can be enhanced and given long-lasting protection. Teak Master's exclusive custom formulated teak sealer has a special blend of solvents to penetrate deep into the hard teak wood with UV inhibitors and a mildewcide to prevent the furniture from turning gray through oxidation or rotting through mildewing. Damage and breaks to older pieces can also be expertly repaired by Teak Masters' experienced craftsmanship.

The same harsh weather conditions that can be so hard on outdoor wood furniture can also pose a hazard for wood decking, whether exotic hardwoods like mahogany or Brazilian ironwood and teak, or common redwood or IPE. Decks need the same kind of protection as your fine outdoor wood furniture to keep them structurally sound and looking their best. Without it damage can begin almost immediately. Teak Master also specializes in deck refinishing for the Los Angeles area, and can beautify and protect new or weathered decks from rot and decay due to mold, mildew and fungal attack, premature graying from UV exposure and structural damage caused by water absorption. The Teak Master process restores outdoor wood to new condition and provides the protection it needs to keep it beautiful for years to come.

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Lake Wales to Provide All Schools Bus Service

School bus

Beginning next school year, the Lake Wales Charter System will provide its own bus transportation for all of its students.

Previously, the charter system only provided bus transportation for three of its six schools: Bok Academy, Babson Park Elementary and Hillcrest Elementary.

"Transportation for us is very important because it gives us control over the bell schedule," said Robin Gibson, a Lake Wales lawyer who represents the charter schools.

Gibson said the system is considering changing its school hours to possibly a longer day.

"We haven't decided anything but we need the options for the length of the scheduling," Gibson said.

During the 2009-10 school year, it cost the Polk County School District $532,621 to provide bus service to charter schools. Of that amount, $338,938 was spent on the Lake Wales Charter System for Janie Howard Wilson Elementary, Polk Avenue Elementary and Lake Wales High School, said Rob Davis, the district's director of transportation operations.

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Wood exporters to cope with tougher rules


Vietnamese timber and wood product exporters will have to develop an elaborate system to ensure the legality of materials used to avoid the risk of losing their footholds in key markets like the US and the EU

For instance, they would need to show they have procured wood from areas with approved forest management plans and appropriate cutting permits.

They would also need to ensure they are excluding illegal and other unwanted wood both at the forest where materials are acquired as well as at processing and manufacturing facilities.

These steps become necessary as the EU and US markets are set to toughen up import restrictions through the European Union Timber Regulation and the United States Lacey Act, a workshop held in HCM City heard yesterday.

The workshop presented participants with the salient features of the two pieces of legislation as well as with practical steps that would help reduce the business risk of illegal materials entering the supply chains.

The Forest Trust (TFT) and the Handicraft and Wood Industry Association of HCM City (Hawa) organised the workshop with support from the United States Responsible Asia Forestry and Trade (RAFT) programme under USAID.

The organisers said the steps outlined at the workshop would help local exporters gain market credibility.

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DCSS may acquire eight new buses

The Dougherty County School Board’s Transportation Committee on Friday heard a pitch from school system Transportation Director Kenneth Williams for eight new school buses and other assorted needs and wants of the department.

Williams informed the committee that the state of Georgia had issued $50 million in bonds to purchase more than 600 new buses statewide.

Dougherty County, he said, has been allotted eight buses in the bond issue, for which the state would chip in $76,292 per bus. The county would be on the hook for the remaining total balance of $189,826.
The buses are all Internationals. Here is a list of the vehicles with the cost of each to the county:

One 48 passenger ($5,385)

One 48 passenger with lift ($13,773)

One 72 passenger ($10,683)

Five 84 passenger, rear engine ($31,997)

“I selected the Internationals because of maintenance,” Williams told the committee. “They (International) have a service center off Blaylock, and that would keep us from having to drive them to Macon for major service.”

The transportation committee (David Maschke, Carol Tharin and Milton Griffin) voted unanimously to send the proposal to the full board for further consideration.

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Millions worth of timber goes up in smoke


In a suspected case of arson, Zimbabwe’s largest timber producer, Border Timbers, was gutted by fire on Wednesday, reducing the multi-million-dollar factory full of treated poles ready for export to ashes.

Although there has not been an official statement on how the fire started and the extent of the damage, NewsDay understands the factory was reportedly housing treated poles ready for transporting to Kenya, Mozambique and Zambia.

An official at the company who refused to be named told NewsDay the raging fire was started by a nearby farmer who was burning dry maize stalks in the afternoon but had failed to contain it.

“Someone was preparing her field just outside our premises and she failed to control the fire, which ended up on our site. There was no proper fireguard and we failed to put out the fire.

“The story could have been different if we had had a proper fireguard, it was just an oversight on our part,” said the official.

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