Information Technology (IT)

The Government considers IT as an agent capable of transforming the State into a knowledge based society. It has resolved to make Jharkhand an IT powerhouse and a front runner in the IT revolution. In order to fulfil these objectives, it has formulated an IT policy. The underlying vision of the policy is 'to ensure overall socio-economic development, sustained growth, transparency in government decisions, and enhanced service delivery to the people through an effective use of IT".

The Government has also provided special incentives for the IT industry subject to the prescribed conditions. These include:- (i) exemption from environmental clearance; (ii) exemption from zoning regulations for purposes of location; (iii) self-certification for purposes of compliance with certain Acts; (iv) general permission to run a three-shift operation; (v) rebate in the cost of land allotted to an IT Industry subject to the prescribed conditions; etc.

Sociology of education

The sociology of education is the learning of how social institutions and services have an effect on educational processes and outcomes, and vice versa. By many, education is understood to be a means of overcome the handicaps, achieve greater equality and acquire wealth and status for all (Sargent 1994). Learners may be provoked by aspirations for progress and betterment. Education is perceived as a place where children can expand according to their unique needs and potentialities. The principle of education can be to build up every individual to their full potential. The understanding of the goals and means of educational socialization processes differs according to the sociological model used.

Alkali soils

As the word akali correspond to sodic, the notion alkali soil is, similar to the notion sodic soil, is not explicit.Alkali, or alkaline, soils are clay soils with a comparatively high exchangeable sodium percentage, a relative high pH (> 9), a poor soil arrangement and a little infiltration capacity. Frequently they have a hard calcareous layer at 0.5 to 1 m. depth in India this coating is called 'kankar'. Alkali soils owe their unfavorable physico-chemical properties mostly to the dominating presence of sodium carbonate. Akali soils are normally not saline, i.e. the some amount of soluble salts, particularly sodium chloride, is not extreme .

Alkali soils are also called sodic soils, since sodium is an alkali metal. This, however, does not distinguish alkali soils adequately from saline soils.


It is physical progression of transporting goods and cargo. Virtually every product ever made, buy, or sold has been exaggerated by shipping. Despite the many variables in shipped products and locations, there are only three basic types of shipments: land, air, and sea.

Land or "ground" shipping can be either by train or by truck. Trucking is easily the most well-liked form of shipping. Even in Air and Sea shipments, ground transportation is still required to take the product from its origin to the airport or seaport and then to its destination. Ground transportation is typically more reasonable than air shipments, but more expensive than shipping by sea. Trucks are also much faster than ships and rail but slower than planes.

Shipping can more usually refer to the transport of freight "shipments", independent of the mode of transport.