Gulf Coast Treated has all the hardware components you need to complete your project. We stock an extensive line of basic hardware and fasteners, as well as many types of hard-to-find and custom components hardware for a large variety of projects. We ship your hardware with the rest of your order so you have everything you need when your shipment arrives.
Domestically Produced Hardware

We carry domestic galvanized and stainless steel hardware. When you order, just specify that you need domestically produced hardware for your project. Call us at 877-302-8911 or contact us online for more information.

Our extensive line of Hardware & Fasteners includes:

* Stainless steel and galvanized nuts and washers
* Stainless steel and galvanized hex screws
* Coated deck screws
* Post base anchors
* Simpson connecting plates and joist hangers
* All thread & tie rods
* Nails

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