Free bus journey coming soon

A slice of 12,000 free seats offered nationwide by a prominent inter-city bus operator is intended for travelers commuting to and from Northland.

Naked bus has announced 12,000 free seats nationwide in May and June, with at least 1000 to be snap up for trips to and from Whangarei and Paihia on a first-come, first-served basis.

Naked bus has two every day departures from Auckland to Paihia via Whangarei.

One of those services expands to Kerikeri and during summer and busy periods such as Easter, an additional service is organized to and from Kerikeri each day.

The free seat promotion started on Wednesday and will run until March 6 unless the tickets are snapped up earlier. Travel will be between May 1 and June 24 but the free fare is not available on services to and from airports.

Commuters can travel free from Northland to and from any major towns and cities in the North Island that Naked bus services, includes Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Palmerston North, Gisborne, Napier.

Development in customer numbers has allowed the company to introduce more services in the past 12 months, including a shuttle service between Auckland, Hamilton and Rotorua, direct services from Tauranga and Rotorua to Wellington and return, more services north of Auckland to Whangarei and Bay of Islands, services from Gisborne to Napier, Palmerston North and Wellington.

If there are free fares obtainable for a journey, the ticket price will appear as $0.00 during online booking.

The American bus revival

Motor coaches are the greatest growing form of extended coldness transport in the United States, and British-owned companies are leading the charge. So has the US finally learned to love the bus?

American bus

"Imagine if William Shatner had crashed a plane into the side of a building. The airline industry would go crazy."

Dan Ronan, chief spokesman for the American Bus Association, has a bone to pick with Captain Kirk.

The object of his irritation is an advertisement for travel website Priceline, currently on heavy rotation on American television, which features William Shatner on board a bus that plunges over a precipice and explodes in a spectacular fireball.

The ABA feels the ad is in "poor taste" but what really irks the industry is that Shatner's bus is not a modern, air-conditioned vehicle with leather seats and wi-fi but a beaten-up museum piece from the 1950s.

It seems to sum up the average American traveller's view of buses as the transport option of last resort - slow, uncomfortable and out-of-date.

According to ABA president Peter Pantuso, the last time most Americans took to the road in public transport was in the yellow bus that took them to school.

Persuading them to take their first trip on a modern coach is the toughest task he faces.


Halloween Costumes

New bus service will link Athens and Atlanta

bus travel

Discount express bus corporation Megabus will present service between Athens and Atlanta three(3) times per day starting next Wednesday.

“As Americans continue to look for ways to stretch their income, we look forward to providing safe, convenient and affordable travel to Athens-area residents,” President and Chief Operating Officer Dale Moser said in a news release.

Buses will leave Athens at 7 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., arriving in Atlanta an hour and 40 minutes later. Return trips are scheduled for 11 a.m., 3:45 p.m. and 7:15 p.m.

Buses will depart Athens from the Multimodal Transportation Center on East Broad Street Monday through Saturday. On Sundays, when Athens Transit buses don’t run, they’ll depart from the University of Georgia’s East Campus parking deck.

In Atlanta, buses will arrive and depart at the Civic Center MARTA station in Midtown.

The service will boost the local tourism and convention industry, said Kathryn Lookofsky, executive director of the Athens Downtown Development Authority.


Halloween Costumes

Adult pirate costumes for your Halloween dress up

Adult Pirate Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one among the most auspicious times of the year that is cherished and celebrated with a lot of spirit all around the world.

Everyone loves to dress up in some costume or the other on this day, trying to look as realistic as possible and fit pretty well into the character. On this day, everyone around the world irrespective of their age or size dress up in bizarre costumes and party all through the night. Irrespective of which character you dress up as, authenticity is very appropriate and important. At least everyone expects to look as real as the character while they dress up and they put in a lot of effort, money and time to create that appropriate character look.

Children on this same day dress up in children’s costumes and run around the neighborhood playing trick or treat. Trick or treat is a very popular concept. Children visits their neighborhood homes and asks for trick or treat while they are supposed to perform as the character in which they have dressed up as and authenticate their character. In return, neighbors give them sweets, candies and chocolates as treat. Traditionally it is believed that the concept to have originated from the fact that children ought to be treated on this spooky day or they can trick you into a scheme. Some people believe that children could cast a spell or jinx their neighbors with their special magic powers when neighbors fail to treat them. However, this is just a superstitious concept and every household all around the globe cherish the concept with a lot of passion that they always end up treating these kids with chocolates and candies irrespective of whether children performs as the character or not. In fact, every year during Halloween, they see to that they include large quantities of chocolates and candies in their grocery shopping lists. When it comes to costumes, you have two choices. You can either choose to purchase the outfit at retail or wholesale costume shops or you can make your own outfit from your own closet using simple accessories and clothes.

There are also retail shops that rent these costumes instead of selling them which works out all the more cheaper and convenient for you. However, in order to look authentic it is advisable for you to opt for purchasing these costumes which allows you to use them for several years to come or rent these costumes for Halloween instead of making them on your own. Jack Sparrow and Pirates of the Caribbean has been a very popular theme ever since it hit the market. Everyone loves the movie and rejoices Johnny Depp’s performance as Captain Jack Sparrow. The character has some wide base of fanatics as well. So it’s understandable that many would love to dress up as pirates for the upcoming Halloween.

You can find these adult pirate costumes across several websites online and retail stores. However, if you choose to purchase it, it is very important that you purchase it from a reputable store or a website in order to ensure the costume’s quality. These costumes are considerably expensive and no one would like to waste on poor quality costumes. Hence, it is very important that your research thoroughly on the background of the website or store before purchasing or renting these costumes. And always remember to never compromise over quality for cheap price at any given day.

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