Most subway and bus riders say service has got worse, poll finds

A majority of riders said their commute has worsened in the last three years, according to a review by Transportation Alternatives.

Of the nearly 700 people surveyed last week, 61% said their subway or bus services has gotten worse since 2009; 13% said it had better and the remaining 26% said it's stayed the same.

"Particularly on the weekend, it's awful," said Karl Green, 39, of Staten Island, as he waited for a downtown train Sunday. "The trains don’t run on time, it's always packed, and trains are not going where they are supposed to be going."

Since 2009, the cash-strapped transit agency has raised fares and made some of the worst service cuts in its history in 2010 when two subway lines were eliminates, along with dozens of bus routes.

“This survey confirms what every bus and subway rider in this metropolis knows,” White said. “Our commutes have gotten worse.

Most straphangers interviewed by NewYork said they have notice service getting worse in recent years.

Find a Charter Bus in Maryland

Maryland is verily a holidaymaker’s paradise and it is therefore no surprise that tourists flock to Maryland to see the bays, visit the zoos, watch the historic lighthouses and become part of the their unique art and culture. The best and most comfortable way to go around Maryland to see the various tourist spots is traveling by charter bus.
Interestingly, a reporter for National Geographic channel who visited Maryland aptly called the state “Miniature America”. Maryland has it all from majestic mountains to salubrious seashores within about a 3-hour drive from their biggest city, Baltimore. When you are on a holiday, avoid driving yourself and make yourself free to enjoy the splendor and beauty of Maryland by hiring a charter bus.
Choose a reliable charter bus
Like the charter buses in all other cities of United States, you do not have to worry about driving, traffic, or fueling up when availing Maryland charter bus. All you have to do is to sit and enjoy the ride and witness the picturesque sceneries Maryland has to offer.
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In Maryland there are many places to go fishing, boating, kayaking or canoeing or whatever water sports you prefer. If you are fond of the outdoors, there are more than 25 beautiful state parks that you can choose from.
Ask your Maryland charter bus to drop you off at one of the plethora of theaters Maryland has and tell them to pick you up at the front door after the program is over. This way, you do not even have to worry about parking space.

All Things Travel: Massport Meetings To Encourage Public Feedback

Massachusetts desk of Transportation Richard Davey is putting his trample on the Massport Board where he also serves as its Chairman.

Changes are going to take place, both inside and outside the Authority that runs Logan Airport and the cruise terminal in Boston. Some of these changes will bring Massport board meetings more in line with the agenda of the monthly meetings of the MBTA and MassDOT at the Transportation Building downtown.

Starting with the monthly meeting scheduled for February 16 at the Massport Headquarters on the airport’s Harborside Drive, there will be 30 minutes at the opening of each meeting for input from people in the community. They will be encouraged to speak for about three minutes.

Another item to be reviewed is the dollars allocated for gifts to community groups. Finally, discussions will begin on whether parking fees should be increased at Logan Airport and where this extra income might be spent.

Outside the headquarters at this month’s January 19 meeting, the first of 32 large diesel/electric hybrid buses were on display for the first time. Built in Anniston, Alabama by North American Bus Industries, the price tag for each bus is $830,000. They have 39 seats and extra luggage racks.

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Dallas Charter Bus

charter bus
Worth and the Mid-Cities form the largest metropolitan area in the south-central United States. The Dallas metro area has the largest concentration of corporate headquarters in the U.S.

Dallas attracts business visitors, tourists, and recreational travelers in masses. Metropolitan Shuttle’s network of professional charter buses, bus rentals, bus charters, bus rental rental operators in the Dallas area specialize in group travel and transportation.

Dallas transportation options include charter buses, minibuses, shuttles and vans to and from airports, reunions, business conventions, family reunions, festivals, academic events, sports events, religious events, weddings, and more.

Halloween the Sensational Gut Feeling

Guys get ready it’s time to celebrate the Halloween party.
Have you chosen your invites???? Has the planning for Halloween started???
Get access to stuff that you had never thought about in your lifetime…..
Choose a costume that is more edgy and just rock on………..

Halloween is a chance for restrained people to let loose and turn spooky, wild, wicked, and naughty almost to do things that are stupid. So this time make sure that Your Halloween is more enjoyable and it will be, but only if you plan for something unusual rather the same dress up. Halloween is known for the dreadful dress up rather anything else. Here you can find few tips concerned with the Halloween costumes for all age groups and some ideas to give an awe factor. Make sure that the makeup and costumes which you wear has a mixed effect of art and science such that it is dreadful.

Dressing up completely different attires is basically fun however finding the simplest and right kind of outfit for Halloween is sort of powerful task. Ton of your time is needed to hold out through analysis then solely you'll return up with the simplest attires. You can go with the cloth primarily based on your style and preference. When it involves wear enticing costume, you've got to be little artistic to consider some special outfits to wear in party.

Interesting information to you “One quarter of all the candy sold annually in the U.S. is purchased for Halloween” isn’t it exciting to know???

Though infants know nothing about the Halloween party it is fun dressing up for them and presenting them in the cutest way. While selecting infant Halloween costumes make sure that you opt for the one which your baby feels comfy. You can check out the various sites which offer the infant costumes and opt for the best one.

When it comes to women there are quite a lot of costumes like princess, bat girl, horror witch, and skeleton with bleeding-heart. While selecting for Halloween women costumes make sure that you opt the best costume suitable for you in varying styles and persona that will help you to look your "best" while you enjoy the partying.

Movie characters are great ideas for boys who wish to dress up for Halloween parties. When it comes to Boy’s costumes in Halloween, harry potter is in the trend. One of the main advantages in dressing up like a movie character for your Halloween party is it will help the onlookers to make out the character.

Adults are the one who make the most of from the Halloween party and they tend to blast off and enjoy off the charts to have a splendid time. When it comes to adult, costumes are available in a wide range like vampire look, deviled egg and many more.

On the whole, the best part of Halloween is that you could become anyone you wanted to be, even if was for one night.
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