wasl is an Asset Management Group owned by Dubai Real Estate Corporation (DREC), created to manage and develop its assets. It aims to grow into a globally competitive entity. wasl operates a wide spectrum of property management, project management and investment management services for DREC.

Key business areas that wasl is focused on are project management , property management, hospitality and investment. In line with its long term strategic ambitions wasl’s project management capability will cover Residential, Commercial, Retail, Light-Industrial, Public Utilities, Leisure and Entertainment sectors and Education.

Before it was known as Dubai, our great Emirate was called wasl which signifies connection in Arabic, reflecting Dubai’s historic position as the trading hub of the region. Dubai continued to flourish because of its entrepreneurial drive and continuous investment in the future.

Inspired by Dubai’s vision, Dubai Real Estate Corporation (DREC) established wasl, an asset management group that emphasizes our values of unity, connectedness, integrity and tradition.

wasl is symbolic of the strong connection we share with our customers, our partners and our stakeholders. It highlights the tight connection and open channels of communication between all areas of our business. It represents our connection to the past, our stature in the present, and our vision for the future.

wasl was established to strengthen the success of Dubai, to actively contribute towards securing its growth far into the future. We aim to carry out this vision by being a major contributor to Dubai’s legacy.