What is a tenancy database?

Tenancy databases generally store personal information about individuals relating to defaults or alleged defaults on tenancy agreements, including failures to pay rent or damage to property. This information is usually supplied to tenancy database operators by real estate agents. The information in these databases is then accessed by real estate agents assessing potential tenants.

Are tenancy databases covered by the Privacy Act?

Yes, tenancy databases are covered by the Privacy Act.

How did I get on a database?

There are different reasons why a real estate agent may have put your details on a tenancy database. When you sign an application for a lease, it is important to read the notice about how the agent will use your personal information and whether your information will be disclosed to a tenancy database in certain circumstances.

I am a real estate agent / tenancy database operator. Where can I go for more information?

If you are a real estate agent or tenancy database operator and you would like more information you may wish to contact our Office or your state Real Estate Institute.

Other places to go

  • Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs agencies in your State or Territory.
  • Real Estate Institutes or your local Tenants Union.