A majority of riders said their commute has worsened in the last three years, according to a review by Transportation Alternatives.

Of the nearly 700 people surveyed last week, 61% said their subway or bus services has gotten worse since 2009; 13% said it had better and the remaining 26% said it's stayed the same.

"Particularly on the weekend, it's awful," said Karl Green, 39, of Staten Island, as he waited for a downtown train Sunday. "The trains don’t run on time, it's always packed, and trains are not going where they are supposed to be going."

Since 2009, the cash-strapped transit agency has raised fares and made some of the worst service cuts in its history in 2010 when two subway lines were eliminates, along with dozens of bus routes.

“This survey confirms what every bus and subway rider in this metropolis knows,” White said. “Our commutes have gotten worse.

Most straphangers interviewed by NewYork said they have notice service getting worse in recent years.