charter bus

Haines Tours of Gladwin, Michigan, has been ordered to immediately cease operations by the United States Department of Transportation. They are the third bus company to be shut down by the federal government this month.

The order came following a citation given on May 27 to Roger Haines, owner of Haines Tours, for carrying passengers in the bus’s cargo compartment. The ticket was given by an Ohio Highway Patrol officer in Lake Township, Ohio. The bus was chartered to take 62 passengers from Roscommon, Michigan, to Clyde, Ohio. However six of the 62 were found to be riding in the cargo compartment with unsecured baggage.

“Great customer service is not always saying, ‘yes’,” says Guillermo Williams of Rochester Hills’ Max Impact, a customer service training company. “Sometimes you have to say ‘no’ for safety or legal reasons.”

He said that when a customer’s demands or desires cannot be legally meet great customer service dictates gently but firmly explaining the reasons.

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