A recent study conducted by the University of London has concluded that women possess stronger memory than men. The study examined 9,600 people, each around the age of 50 years. The researchers observed that all the women in middle age had a better memory level than the men.

The first stage of the memory test saw the participants first listening to 10 words then recalling them in next 2 minutes. In the second round the participants were asked to recall the same 10 words, 5 minutes after round 1.

The score of the female participants in the first round was 5% greater than the male ones and 8% greater in the second round.

The research team led by Matthew Brown and Brian Dodgeon took up another test, wherein the participants were asked to name as many animals as they could think of, within one minute. Here, both the male and female participants scored neck to neck. The average number of animal names as listed by them was 22.

"Men performed significantly more poorly in the verbal memory tests: particularly on the delayed memory test", said the lead researchers.

The researchers also observed the affect of health conditions of the participants on their respective memories, concluding that those with better physical fitness yielded better scores.

All these participants were from the National Child Development Study. The researchers kept a track of them since these people were at the age of 16 years and they were observed again when they turned 50.

source: http://topnews.us/content/213259-women-outdo-men-memory-test