Green Tea Health Benefits Could Include Glaucoma Prevention. Green tea has been in the center of a study done by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. The research indicated that antioxidants found in green tea could help protect against eye diseases such as glaucoma.

Green tea contains catechins which are absorbed by the eye. These catechins could have protective qualities against the oxidation that causes various eye ailments.

If the results of the study prove to be true over time, then the health benefits of green tea will be numerous. It’s currently known that green tea helps with weight loss, cancer prevention, and depression.

Green tea has its roots in ancient China. For over 4,000 years, Asian countries have drank green tea as part of their diet. Green tea is typically available at gourmet food stores and even in certain grocery stores.

Traditional green tea is served warm, similar to the tea you are used to drinking. Some companies such as Nestea have iced tea drinks that include this healthy version of the drink.

Even though the beverage has been linked to various health benefits, drinking green tea alone isn’t enough to keep yourself healthy. You still need to visit your doctor regularly and speak with them about any supplements or regimens you use for your health.