Dubrovnik is rich in culture and history. Dubrovnik is located on the extreme south of Croatia , the city enjoyed immense growth in trade and naval power in the Middle Ages. The city of Dubrovnik has since relinquished its position as a Mediterranean power player.

Today the city of Dubrovnik is a peaceful and children-friendly haven for tourists and locals. Zagreb , its capital, offers a glimpse of the glory days of the old city of Dubrovnik ; it boasts of well-preserved medieval architectural marvels. As a testament to its ability to masterfully blend the old with the new, the city's capital has established itself as the hub of modern life and is considered the economic, political and scientific center of Croatia .
The city of Dubrovnik takes hospitality on a higher level by offering a wide range of “private accommodations.” Private accommodations are apartments or villas privately owned by locals that have been specially prepared for tourist occupation. These accommodations may be adjacent or separate from the owner's own residence. They are furnished and are most often strategically located to take full advantage of the city's majestic seascapes.
The cuisine of the city of Dubrovnik takes full advantage of the sea's abundance; fresh seafood that is either boiled or grilled and seasoned with herbs and olive oil.
There is a lot to experience in city of Dubrovnik ; charming medieval architecture, spectacular views, fresh food and a host of other activities that will make anyone want to stay.

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