GSA's Border Station Center (BSC) is the central program body for the border station capital program. This office develops and maintains standard processes and procedures to ensure land ports of entry are developed consistently and to an acceptable standard. The center consists of a national program office and two geographic offices specializing in the particulars of each of our two borders. The US Northern Border is managed from the BSC's offices in Denver, Colorado. The US Southern Border is managed from the BSC offices in Forth Worth, Texas. This allows the center to focus on the unique requirements of our neighboring nations and state transportation offices. The center maintains vital planning tools such as the "Border Wizard", a mathematical traffic modeling system utilized to verify traffic performance resulting from border station design.

Additionally, the center has provided single-source delivery on a variety of special projects for federal inspection agencies such as radiation portal monitors, license plate readers, gamma-ray devices, and USVISITS biometric readers.