DRE is proud to announce that on August 3, 2009, DRE’s new Electronic Examination System was deployed in the Oakland District Office. Planning for this project was started in 2006, following a feasibility study and approval for a budget augmentation. With the sponsorship of DRE’s Executive staff, the system was developed by DRE’s own internal technical staff and Licensing staff members. Several steps had to be successfully completed before the system could be launched including overall system design, equipment procurement, examination room renovations, and very complex system building and rigorous testing phases.

This system allows examinees to take the real estate salesperson and broker examination using an electronic method. The system allows for examination results to be provided as soon as applicants complete their examination. In addition, qualified candidates who pass their examination can be issued a temporary license which allows them to commence conducting licensed activities immediately.

The electronic exam system will improve examination security, improve testing practices, and contain future examination costs by reducing administration overhead. Examination security will be improved by eliminating the theft of examination material and allow for the ability to electronically capture candidate identification information. Testing practices will be improved by allowing DRE to scramble examination material and provide for more effective proctor oversight. Examination administration costs will be reduced by eliminating the need for printing and duplicating examination booklets which in turn will allow for reduction and eventual elimination of material storage and shipping costs.

How will it work? The electronic examination system will be in an easy to use format. Examination workstations will contain a computer monitor, which will be recessed under glass at an examination station, and a mouse. Keyboards will not be used. Applicants will be able to will be able to peruse back and forth through the questions and point and click on the answers they select. During the examination they will know how many questions they have answered or unanswered.

The electronic examination system will be deployed at all DRE District Offices on a phased schedule. Current plans call for the system to be deployed in the Fresno District Office next.