A year after its launch, Adobe has announced a major update to its Acrobat.com website in the US as it ups the ante against online document sharing sites like Google Docs.

The site, which has moved out of public beta, will offer Americans 2 new paid subscription services that, say Adobe, add capacity and capabilities for intensive business use.

However beyond the new paid for features, that will only be available to US citizens, Adobe says it plans to add new features including include shared team workspaces and smartphone access, as well as a spreadsheet-like application, Acrobat.com Tables.

"Over the next 12 months, we will continue to add powerful yet simple-to-use team collaboration capabilities that establish a new way to work, while removing barriers to getting work done within and across companies and around the world," promised Rob Tarkoff, senior vice president, Adobe’s Business Productivity Business Unit in a statement from the company.

Adobe says it'll add support for iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry and Windows Mobile smartphones.

Adobe today also announced the preview release of Acrobat.com Tables, a spreadsheet-like application that is available immediately for free sign-up as a public beta.

Acrobat.com Tables plans to provide people with a new way to work with others on data-intensive documents – such as task lists, schedules, contacts, budgets and sales numbers – that are typically created and shared in spreadsheets or simple databases.

The Premium Basic subscription is available for US $14.99 per month, or US $149 per year.

The Premium Plus subscription is available for US $39 per month, or US $390 per year. Until July 16, 2009, Adobe is offering US $15 off the Premium Basic annual plan, and US $50 off the Premium Plus annual plan.

The new premium services include Adobe ConnectNow Web meeting capacity for up to 5 participants and online conversion of 10 uploaded documents to PDF per month. The Premium Plus service includes ConnectNow Web meeting capacity for up to 20 participants and unlimited online creation of PDF files.

The free service will continue to offer Adobe Buzzword online word processing, ConnectNow Web meeting capacity for up to 3 participants, and online creation of up to 5 PDF files.

source: http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/news.phtml/24800/adobe-updates-acrobat-online-service.phtml