Cause of Establishment:To liberate people from the tyrannical practices of a Tantrika Fiquir Masting Shah and to propagate Vaishnava doctrines amongst them.

Brief of the Diety:Shalagram idol of the size of a Gunja (Abrus prectorious grain) representing Shri Sarveshwar Prabhu

Important Architectural Characteristics:Bhati chief of Khejarli Shri Sheoji and Gopal Singh Ji Bhati founded this Peeth following instructions of his holiness Shri Nimbarkacharya Peethadhishwara Shri Parashu Ram-Devacharya Ji. The temple has been so designed that the Deity is visible for Darshan the moment one enters the main gate.A flight of seven steps leads to the main entrance . The wide main gate has two small upraised gates, one on earchside. This is typical of the architectural designs adopted for the main gate of a temple in the 15th century .